Get more sales with Transit Media Advertising

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Get More Customers

  • Location Based Advertisements

    Advertisements can be at any location that you wish.

  • Economical & Flexible Coverage

    It is one of the most cost effective mode of advertisement.

  • Active Mode Transit Media

    Location Ba sed advertisements is more flexible and incearse in sales.

  • Sales

    It is the most effective way to apporach a Customers.

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About Us

Info Bus is a brain child of people having vast experience in Advertising and Technology. We are the pioneers of Geo-tagged transit media advertising in south India. We offer services that help passengers with identifying bus stops and entertain them with variety of Music.

We serve the Traders and industry with high impact active mode advertisement at the most economical cost. Our service helps in reducing the overhead of bus conductors with automatic bus stop announcements. We are in to research and development of Smart Transport system and Transit Media Advertising.


Easiest to use

One brilliant idea for every client

GPS-based bus stop locating system with pre-recorded voice announcements. The bus route is mapped into an array of latitude and longitude geo coordinates. Whenever the mapped location arrives, the system will play the pre-recorded voice segment.

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